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APRIL 2017




FOR $500.00



The meeting was called to order by President Kenny Montgomery at 7:03pm. A motion to dispense with the reading of the previous meeting minutes was made and passed without dissent.

Director of Health Benefits Michael Masters:  

Mike Masters discussed Optum Health for mental health services through the NALC health plan. Optum can help with mental health issues as well as substance abuse problems. Call 855-780-5955 if your an NALC health plan member. or follow this link to learn more https://www.liveandworkwell.com/default.asp

Benefit Trust:

Financial report read to the membership with no questions or comments made.

AFL-CIO Report: Joe Dimaria:

Labor council meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Political Education:H.R. 756 has passed the committees and is headed to the house floor where we will look to amend the bill to protect door to door delivery.

Unfinished Business: President Montgomery:

Letter Carriers food drive is Saturday May 13, 2017 food drive cards are in and we will be sending them out the week before the food drive. We will include a pack of

When going to urgent care at managements instructions make sure a DOCTOR signs the paperwork. At urgent care they will try to tell you it is not needed....they are WRONG. OWCP will deny your claim based soley on the fact there is no DOCTORS signature.


When you have an accident at work you MUST immediately report it to management. Do not wait till end of the day or after lunch, report it immediately. Even if you beleive your not injured as muscle tend to tighten up later, your injury might not manifest itself for several hours. Management will issue discipline in cases where you thought your were ok and later realized your hurt. Protect your self by reporting every accident no matter how minor.


4th annual MDA Golf Tournament is scheduled for Sunday May 21 shotgun start at 10am. Cost is $75 per golfer and includes 18 holes, cart, lunch and buffet dinner. We also accept hole sponsorships at $100 per hole and a sign will be placed at the hole for your patronage and recognition. There will be drinks provided by the branch as well as a putting contest, closest to the pin and longest drive contest. Branch 210 officers will be sponsoring a $15,000 hole in one contest as well.


The branch is grieving the start time change to 8:30 for the city stations.


As of the union meeting the branch had 110 article 8 grievances of forcing non-OTDL carriers prior to maximizing the overtime list.


The Darien Lake Picnic is Sunday July 16, 2017. Tickets will be available in June from the union office for $25 each. Season Tickets holders can buy food only tickets for $10. Price includes the park, food and parking.


No new updates on Contract negotiations.



New Business: President Montgomery:


Bring your surveys to the union meeting to be placed in our quarterly raffle for $50


CCA's, unassigned regulars and reserve regulars requesting holddowns have always been able to request them in writing or verbally. The Postmaster has issued a local policy mandating writing requests. The union has filed a grievance on this policy and will update the members when an answer is received. Until then if you request a holddown verbally and are denied see your steward to see if you have a grievance.


The City of Rochester is eliminating our Reserve Regular positions as they become vacant so if your a reserve regular you won't get it back if you bid off of it.


FMLA is a federal law which guarantees you up to 12 weeks unpaid protected leave. If however you wish to use your sick leave for this time period then normal sick leave provision still apply. If out 4 or more days you MUST provide documentation to the Postal Service to include the nature of the illness and the dates your unable to work. Fax this documentation to the medical unit at 1-716-856-4676 or mail it to USPS-Medical unit. 1200 William Street, Buffalo, NY 14240. DO NOT give it to your supervisor as they have lost the notes in the past. For absences of 3 days or less a medical note is only necessary if management request one and they must have a valid reason for requesting. If the request it you must get the medical note, then see your steward to file a grievance where we will ask management their reason for the documentation request and if it is not a valid reason we will grieve for the Doctor bill Plus mileage. Same rule applies as to where to send the note as above. Back of the 3971 leave request clearly states do not give to management.


Management must consult with you prior to removing your casing equipment. If this is not happening  and they remove your equipment (case) let the steward know.


Inspections are ongoing in Fairport, Canandaigua, 14625 and 14606.


Branch 210 received an award from National as the top $ donor in our category of branch size.


The next union meeting is open to all members and is Wednesday May 3, 2017 at 7:00pm and will be held at the IBEW union hall located at 2300 East River Road, Rochester NY 14623.         

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